Game Service Closure on 6 March 2015 Notice

In this brand new year, the team has decided to maintain a strict level of focus, dedication and commitment to Dragon Nest SEA, the existing repertoire of mobile games like Million Arthur and Coin Hunter, as well as upcoming game titles. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that we inform all Avatar Star players that we will be closing the Avatar Star SEA game service on 6 March 2015. Please be informed that the Cash Shop will be closed on 2 February 2015. All other game operations will cease on 6 March 2015.

It has been a truly memorable journey with all of you. From the bottom of ...

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Web Gachapon Under Maintenance (09 Dec) Notice

Dear Players,

Due to a technical issue, the Web Gachapon for Avatar Star will be undergoing a maintenance and the Web Gachapon feature will not be available until further notice.

Thank you for your support o Avatar Star and we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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Game Patch Details (24 Jul) Notice

Good day Fellow Players,

Let's take a look at the new system introduced in the latest game update!

Equipment Production

In this latest patch, we are glad to introduce you to the new features in the Weapon Enhancement System - Equipment Production. The Produce function will allow you to create different kinds of weapons, backpack equipment, rings, items and Jewelry.

All you need to do is gather the required ingredients and you will be able to create the respective items through the Produce function.

The equipment available for production includes weapons, backpack equipment and rings of ...

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Game Patch 24 July Notice

[Update] Game service has resumed on 1305HRS(GMT+8)

Dear Players,

There will be a game patch tomorrow, Thursday, 24 July 2014 starting from 0800HRS(GMT+8). The game service will be unavailable during this period of time and is expected to be resumed by 1200HRS (GMT+8).

We strongly recommend that you log out of the game before the stipulated time to prevent any item loss.


[New Content]

  • Weapon Attachment - Boost additional weapon stats through Weapon Attachment system [Enhance >> Weapon Attachment]
  • Equipment Production - Produce weapons, items and accessories through Equipment ...

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Holiday Goodies Galore for Every Day of June! Event

It’s the school holiday season and we’re celebrating by giving away a ton of gold and gold keys! All you need to do is play Avatar Star! Our event will start from 31 May 0000hrs 2014 to 29 June 2359hrs 2014 so check out the event calendar to see what’ll be going on! 

Event Calendar for Month of June

Event Name: June Daily Login Event
Criteria: Login to Avatar Star daily and receive additional rewards!
Level Requirement: Level 10 and above
Rewards: 3 Bronze Chests, 3 Silver Chests, 3 Gold Chests

Event Name: Play Team Death Match (Up to 3 times)
Criteria: Play Team Death Match Mode in the ...

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Online Reward increased to 30,000 Gold! Notice

Need to fatten your gold funds? Then you’ll be pleased to know we’re changing the “Online Reward” to give a total of 30,000 gold after the game maintenance on 20 May 2014!

Simply stay online for 15 minutes or more and get your hands on the Gold!

New and Improved Online Rewards

Earning gold has never been easier. All you need to do is login now and stay online!

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Gachapon Update Notice

For the month of May, powerful enhanced weapons ranging from +5 to +16, are coming your way! But that’s not all - an exclusive Avatar Card: Rayi has been included into the mix as well!

Try your luck at getting these awesome items from the Avatarstar Gachapon Machine on 20 May 2014 (1200HRS, GMT +8)!

Play AvatarStar Gachapon in just 4 simple steps:

  1. Login to with your Cherry account (that ties to your AvatarStar account) and click on the AvatarStar Gachapon banner.
  2. Purchase the Gachapon Tokens with CC (available in 10x at 9000 CC and 1x at 990 CC).
  3. Proceed with ...
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Game Maintenance 20 May Notice

Game Service has resumed at 1150HRS (GMT+8)

Dear Players, 

There will be a scheduled service maintenance tomorrow starting from 0800HRS (GMT+8) 20 May 2014. The game service will be unavailable during this time and is expected to be resumed by 1200HRS (GMT+8) 20 May 2014.

We strongly recommend that you log out of the game before the stipulated time to prevent any item loss.



  • Online Reward adjusted - Total Gold received is increased.
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Basic Characters


Gunner Video

Heavy /Assault
Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers, Batons and Shields

Loud and proud, the Gunner is for those who like to blitz right into the fray all fired up with guns blazing.


Assassin Video

Stealth / Sniper
Daggers / Handguns / Sniper Rifles

Masters of stealth and precision, skilled Assassins can take out enemies swiftly and quietly one by one through careful surgical strikes and escape unnoticed.


Guardian Video

Combat Medic / Support
Shotguns / Assault Rifles / Bows

Well-rounded, equipped with healing tech and advanced bows with sticky explosive arrows, the Guardian is the perfect support for any fireteam.


Sh*t Happens! Videos