New Guild System, Leaderboard and More! Update

Hooray! The much anticipated Guild System is now in place, which means you can make new friends and fight together with your buddies in the battlefield! What’s more, a new Leaderboard ranking system and Recent Events display board are also introduced in this patch, along with a couple of tweaks in the Auction House and Online Reward System.

Check them all out here!

New Guild System

Play together with your pals in the all new Guild System!


- Guild Badge

When the guild is created, the guild leader can select from 24 guild emblems (12 cash*, 12 free). Members of the guild are able ...

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Avatar Star: Operation Overkill Season 1 Event

The first ever AvatarStar Online Tournament is here and you are invited to be part of it!

8 guilds of 4 players each will stand a chance to pit their skills with one another in this exciting showdown. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for you!

Date: Thursday, 24th April 2014

Time: 1900hrs to 2100hrs (GMT +8)

Reporting Venue: Training Room

Reporting Time Online: 1830hrs (GMT +8)

Game Mode: Capture the Treasure (CTT), King of the Hill (KOTH) & Domination (DMN)

Maps Used: Duke’s Treasure (CTT), Belfry Square (KOTH) & Shipwreck Island (DMN)

Teams: 8 Guilds, 4 Players per Team/Guild

Team ...

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Snag Cool Rewards From AvatarStar Gachapon! Notice

Introducing the new AvatarStar Gachapon feature for everyone’s favourite third person shooter game! With this Gachapon system, there’s a better chance in getting Rare and Unique grade weapons comparing to Gold Chest! On top of that, there is a chance of getting exclusive limited edition weapons such as the Blue Crystal series in the month of April!

Try your luck in just 4 simple steps:

  1. Logon with your Cherry account (that ties to your AvatarStar account) and click on AvatarStar Gachapon banner on website.
  2. Purchase the Gachapon Token with CC (available in 10x at ...

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Game Maintenance 17 April Notice

Game Service has resumed on 1305HRS (GMT+8)

Dear Players, 

There will be a scheduled service maintenance tomorrow starting from 1000HRS (GMT+8) 17 April 2014. The game service will be unavailable during this time and is expected to be resumed by 1200HRS (GMT+8) 17 April 2014.

We strongly recommend that you log out of the game before the stipulated time to prevent any item loss.



  • Gold, Silver & Bronze Chest reward revamp.

[Bug Fix]

  • Enhancement EXP bug for weapons with level.
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Win Gold Keys In The Arena Battle Mania! (10 Apr – 10 May) Event

The key to happiness lies in none other than the Arena Battle Mania. From 10 April – 10 May 2014, simply complete a game in the stated mode on the respective day and get 3 Gold Keys to open the Gold Chests where lots of goodies like Rings and Wings await!

Arena Battle Mania Schedule

Event Mechanics

Complete a game in the stated mode on the respective day as listed above and get 3 Gold Keys as completion reward!

Gold keys are used for opening Gold Chests where you can have a chance to snag cool rewards like wings, rings, weapons and enhancement materials.

Get your Gold Key to happiness ...

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Game Patch 10 April Notice

Game Service has resumed on 1400HRS(GMT+8).

Dear Players,

There will be a game patch tomorrow 10 April 2014 starting from 0800HRS(GMT+8). The game service will be unavailable during this period of time and is expected to be resumed by 1200HRS(GMT+8).

We strongly recommend that you log out of the game before the stipulated time to prevent any item loss.


[New Content]


  • Guild system
  • Leaderboard system
  • Recent event notice board



  • Online reward gold increased.
  • Auction House admin fee currency changed to gold instead (previously vouchers).

Cash Shop:

  • Gold Chest reward ...

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It’s The Great Vouchers Giveaway! Event

Good news brave fighters!  Receive 1000 Vouchers free for each level 10 and above characters you have in your game account during this event period. With these vouchers, you can now list up your items in the Auction House for FREE!

Event Duration:

Starts : 18 March 2014, 0000HRS (GMT+8)

Ends  : 20 March 2014, 2359HRS (GMT+8)



• Characters which are level 10 & above before the event starts are all eligible.

• Multiple characters in the same account are all eligible.

• Eligible characters will receive an in-game mail upon logging into the game

• Each character is only eligible ...

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Win 88,000CC from Paypal Mega Lucky Draw Now! Notice

Good News~!

Stand a chance to win 88,000CC just by topping up your CC with PayPal! You will also get 5,000CC bonus with every single 100,000CC top-up via PayPal!What's better is to have this promotion last for the whole month!

Event Duration : 10 March 2014 - 10 April 2014

Bonus CC

Bonus 5,000CC for purchases above 100,000CC via PayPal in a SINGLE transaction.

E.g. 1 Transaction x 300,000CC = 1 x 5,000CC Bonus

E.g. 3 Transaction x 100,000CC = 3 x 5,000CC Bonus

Mega Lucky Draw

Top Prize - 88,000CC

2nd Prize - 68,000CC

3rd Prize - 48,000CC

Each purchase of 100,000CC via PayPal in a SINGLE ...

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Basic Characters


Gunner Video

Heavy /Assault
Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers, Batons and Shields

Loud and proud, the Gunner is for those who like to blitz right into the fray all fired up with guns blazing.


Assassin Video

Stealth / Sniper
Daggers / Handguns / Sniper Rifles

Masters of stealth and precision, skilled Assassins can take out enemies swiftly and quietly one by one through careful surgical strikes and escape unnoticed.


Guardian Video

Combat Medic / Support
Shotguns / Assault Rifles / Bows

Well-rounded, equipped with healing tech and advanced bows with sticky explosive arrows, the Guardian is the perfect support for any fireteam.


Sh*t Happens! Videos