AvatarStar is a Multiplayer Online 3rd Person Shooter sporting a highly appealing cutesy game design with a large emphasis on player character customizability while the core gameplay has players going head to head against each other in a variety of quintessential game modes such as Team Death Match, King of the Hill and Domination. AvatarStar is completely Free to Play and will not cost you anything to download, install, and enjoy the full core content of the game.

After installing and logging into AvatarStar, you will be able to create your first Avatar! Your first step in creating the character of your dreams will be to choose one of the 3 playable classes (Gunner/Guardian/Asssasin) according to your liking. Each of these classes has their own unique roles and abilities that provide for a different gameplay experience. Once you have selected your class, you can start customizing the starting appearance of your character. After that, just pick a name for yourself and you are ready for action!

Getting Started Guide

Do you know that you can start playing in a match in less than 60 seconds?

  • 1. After creating your character you will enter the tutorial mode to learn the basic moves of the game.
  • 2. Once you’re at the main lobby, click on the Start Game button at the top right corner to enter the Arena.
  • 3. Select the mode you want to play
  • 4. Now click on the Enter button to queue for a match and get ready to rock!

Now that your character has been made, you can dive straight into the wacky world of near infinite avatar customization possibilities through the use of an Avatar Card. These cards (which may be purchased by CC, Voucher or Avatar Design Voucher) are used to store the customization of your character into whatever you want it to be. It’s all up to your imagination and the sky’s the limit!

To get into the action and start your first match, click the ‘Start Game’ Icon on the top right hand side of the screen, select the game mode of your choice and enter the matchmaking queue by clicking on ‘Enter’.

After completing a full match you will be presented with 9 face down cards to choose from. These cards contain various random items as your reward. You may choose from 1-2 cards depending on your performance during the match. The better your performance, the more cards you get to choose from!

Once you have selected your card rewards, you will be presented with a Match Summary showing the total score of all players on both teams as well as the total amount of EXP and Gold earned.

Note: Rewards and EXP are only given in games completed via the Matchmaking system. The Training mode does not yield any rewards.

AvatarStar features a persistent leveling system where players can unlock skill points, new missions and higher stats as they level up.

Even as a new character, there will be 15 skill points for you to add into the skills of your choice via the Skills Menu. You don’t have to worry too much about investing points into a wrong skill because you can always easily reset your skills for a sum of gold or CC.

Missions grant you a whole bunch of rewards upon completion of the objectives set. Consumables, Gems, Materials and Weapons can all be attained by completing missions. Missions can be undertaken from the Mission tab and you can have up to 5 current Missions at any one time.

Apart from a slew of regular Missions for you to accomplish, there are also repeatable Missions called 'Battlefield' Missions that can be acquired and completedly on a Daily or Weekly basis for additional Gold, EXP, and Medals.

These Battlefield Missions may be done on 2 difficulty levels – Normal and Elite (a feature not available on regular missions) So if you’re feeling confident with your skills go for the Elite difficulty for maximum rewards!

Need a specific item or hoping to sell something not usable for your class?
Look no further than the Auction House!

Search & Purchase

  • 1. Access the Auction House by clicking on the Auction House Icon.
  • 2. Select and fill in the respective fields to filter your search.
  • 3. Select the Auction button to bid for an item, hit the Buy Now button to purchase the auctioned item immediately.
  • 4. To bid for an item, you will have to offer a bid value 5% higher than the current bid.

Item Registration

  • 1. Select the Register tab and click the Register button to register your items in the Auction House.
  • 2. Drag an item into the Registry and enter your selling price. (Item icons in red are bound to you and therefore not tradable.)
  • 3. You can only register 5 items to the Auction House daily.
  • 4. You can remove the item which you have registered to the Auction House by clicking the Cancel button.

Currency Exchange

  • Click the “Buy Voucher” button to purchase “Voucher” using CC.

System

Get rewarded when you log into the game daily with the Sign-In System!

  • 1. Click on the icon on the bottom right of your game lobby as shown in the picture.
  • 2. The Sign-In System will appear as a pop-up. Click on the Sign-In button as shown in the picture.
  • 3. Consecutive Sign-In counts will be accumulated for each Sign-In button clicked per day.
  • 4. Sign-In consecutively for 7 days or more to get the respective gifts which gives you great rewards!
  • 5. Rewards will be automatically credited to your Item inventory as soon as you have clicked on your daily Sign in.

Enhancement System

All weapons except stock weapons can be enhanced. Enhancing weapons give an increased damage output as the weapon level goes up. During the weapon enhancing process, you may notice that there is Enhancement EXP being accumulated with guaranteed success rate for every enhancement made. When the Enhancement EXP gauge is full, the enhanced weapon will upgrade to the next level!

  • 1 Click on the Enhance icon and select the Weapon Enhance tab to perform your weapon upgrade.
  • 2 Drag the weapon you want to upgrade to the Weapon slot, and the weapons you wish to use as material on the material slot on the right.
  • 3 Enhanced weapons can also be used as material to bring over the present experience to the weapon that is being upgraded.
  • 4 By applying Stabilizers during your weapon enhancement, you can bring twice the base EXP of your weapon material over to the weapon that you are enhancing. (Having the same weapon material as the weapon being enhanced gains additional EXP)
  • 5 By applying Transfuser during your weapon enhancement process, you bring the full potential EXP of your enhanced weapon material over to the weapon that you are enhancing.

Pet System

Want a companion to fight alongside with you? Find out how to adopt a pet and how it can assist you in battle!

If you wish to Adopt or Purchase a new Pet, you can click on one of the empty boxes in your Pet Storage and select the pet you fancy.
  • 1 Raise your level to 3 or above to unlock the Pet System feature.
  • 2 You will receive your first pet “Devil” in your Pet Storage.
  • 3 Click the Settings button to enable your pet to use abilities whenever your health is low. *Make sure the “ON” button is activated.
  • 4 Click on the + button and select the currency you wish to use to upgrade your pet skill level. (Higher pet skill level increases HP recovery.)
  • 5 Feed your pet to increase its quality to unlock additional Pet Operating slots.
  • 6 After configuring your Pet settings, remember to click on the Battle button to bring your pet to the battleground with you. (Pet will appear beside your character when it is being equipped.

Pet System

Ever wonder how you can make good use of your unwanted old weapons? Now you can unbind your weapon by using the Unbind Card to pull off a resale!

  • 1 To unbind a previously equipped item, right click on the bound item and select the option “Unbind”.
  • 2 Make sure you have sufficient Unbind Cards in your inventory before clicking on the Unbind button. (Unbind Cards quantity may vary for different items.)

Classes and Skills


Gunner Video

Loud and proud, the Gunner is for those who like to blitz right into the fray all fired up with guns blazing.


Assassin Video

Masters of stealth and precision, skilled Assassins can take out enemies swiftly and quietly one by one through careful surgical strikes and escape unnoticed.


Guardian Video

Well-rounded, equipped with healing tech and advanced bows with sticky explosive arrows, the Guardian is the perfect support for any fireteam.

Game Mode Guide

Team Death Match (Game Mode)

The main objective of Team Death Match mode is to defeat as many opponents as possible to reach 100 opponents kill for your team. (The first team to obtain 100 kills before the other team wins the match.) Subsequently, by achieving a certain difficulty criteria, you will also unlock better rewards during the card flipping session at the end of the game.

Team Death Match Playable Maps
  • Map Size: Medium
  • Map Size: Medium
Rules for Team Death Match
  • When either team manage to get 100 kills, victory will be announced.
  • Tragedy caused by an opponent or due to your own mistake will grant 1 point to the opposite team.
  • Highest output damage, heal and kill streak will determine MVP for this mode.
Objectives to achieve difficulty criteria
  • Victory in Team Death Match Defeat 100 enemies to gain victory for the team.
  • Reduce Death Count Salvation, not slaughter, is important in this mode. Defeat 100 enemies and ensure team deaths not exceeding 80.
  • Minimum Casualties Salvation, not slaughter, is important in this mode. Defeat 100 enemies and ensure team deaths do not exceed 60.

King of the Hill (Game Mode)

The main objective of King of the Hill mode is to occupy and hold the fort for as long as possible. In this mode, team effort is essential as it requires supportive teammates to hold the fort.

King of the Hill Playable Maps
  • Map Size: Medium
  • Map Size: Medium
Rules for King of the Hill
  • When a player of either team steps into the area of the occupying zone, it will take 10 seconds to successfully occupy the fort.
  • Occupy countdown can be interrupted and will reset to 0 when an opponent enters the occupying zone for more than 2 seconds.
  • When the fort is occupied, occupation time for your team will start the countdown.
  • The occupying zone will display the occupying team’s color (Red or Blue).
  • Whichever team with a total occupation time of 5 minutes will win the match.
Objectives to achieve difficulty criteria
  • Victory in King of the Hill Occupy the fort and hold it for a total of 5 minutes to secure victory for the team.
  • Offender and Defender Occupy the fort and hold it for a total of 5 minutes and defeat 50 enemies or more.
  • Offense is the best Defense Occupy the fort and hold it for a total of 5 minutes and defeat 60 enemies or more.

Domination (Game Mode)

The main objective for Domination mode is to capture as many flags as possible to accumulate points for the team. Individual skill is important and team deployment plays a big part as well.

Domination Playable Maps
  • Map Size: Large
  • Map Size: Medium
  • Map Size: Large
Rules for Domination
  • When either team steps into the area of the flag capturing zone, it will take 20 seconds for an individual to successfully raise the flag. Duration is reduced when more players are gathered.
  • Flag raising countdown will pause when an opponent enters the flag capturing zone.
  • When flag turns into the team’s color, the team will receive 1 point every second.
  • When a flag is fully raised, team re-spawn point will be allocated near to that flag zone which is closest to the enemy base.
  • Whichever team’s points reaches 1000 first will win the match.
Objectives to achieve difficulty criteria
  • Victory in Domination Dominate the flags and raise it to gain points for your team. Victory will be declared when score reaches 1000.
  • Never Give Up Achieve 1000 points from dominating the flags and ensure team score is 300 points more than opponent’s team before the battle ends.
  • Unstoppable Achieve 1000 points from dominating the flags and ensure team score is 400 points more than opponent’s team before the battle ends.

Capture The Treasure (Game Mode)

The main objective of Capture The Treasure mode is to capture and convoy the treasure chest to your base to gain points for your team. Team effort is very important as it requires supportive teammates to safeguard the conveyor by facing off the enemies.

Capture The Treasure Playable Maps
  • Map Size: Medium
  • Map Size: Medium
Rules for Capture The Treasure
  • Both teams compete to be the first to achieve 1000 Points in order to win the match. For every successful return of treasure chest, the team will gain 200 Points.
  • Get close to the treasure chest (at least a 1m diameter radius around the treasure chest) and press the special action key (Default E) to pick up the chest.
  • Player who is carrying the treasure chest will have their movement speed significantly reduced and flying is also deactivated.
  • When a treasure chest is dropped, coins will disperse around the dropped chest and the treasure chest will be returned to the spawning point. Pick up these coins to gain points for your team.
Objectives to achieve difficulty criteria
  • Victory in "Capture the Treasure" (CTT) mode Turn in the treasure chest, or pick up the coins dropped to add points. Be the first team to gain 1000 points to be victorious.
  • The Treasure Guard Achieve victory for this game and ensure team mates who pick up the treasure chest are killed not more than 4 times.
  • The Treasure Expert Achieve victory for this game and ensure team mates who pick up the treasure chest are killed not more than 2 times.

Random Mode

Choosing to play a random mode sets the system to automatically generate your queue to play a random match in either Team Death Match, King of the Hill, or Domination mode. Completing a random match will also grant you additional gold at the end of each match.

Training Mode Guide

Want to challenge your friends to find out who is the ultimate gamer? Simply create your own game in the training mode and play in your favorite map!

  • 1. Click on the Training button to enter the Training Mode lobby.
  • 2. You can create your own game or join a random player’s game.
  • 3. If you join a random player’s game, click on the Red or Blue column to choose your team. Once you are ready, press the Ready button.
  • 4. If you prefer to create your own game, you can decide the game mode and map.
  • 5. Click on the Invite button to invite your friends to play together.
  • 6. Click the Start button and get the game rolling!

Interface & Controls

Game UI

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